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E.L.D.C. Programme

Active English

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Perfecting phonetics, refining grammar, developing the campers’ English with a focus on expression and fun! Campers explore English as a second language in a variety of learning techniques—all active, all in English. From creating comic book ELDC Avengers to reading stories that twist your tongue, each camper has the chance to learn in a creative environment that fosters connection and communication. Each year with new themes and new vocabulary to never stop learning.



Th th th THESPIAN. In theatre we act, we play, we speak with confidence! Campers create their own personas, dress-up, write their own scripts, craft their own props, and all towards our big final production. Taking the stage builds confidence in a second language and offers a unique experience for children to express themselves. Become a pirate, an acrobat, a news reporter, a rockstar!

Arts & Crafts

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Teamwork and connection are central to ELDC. With sports, houses can bond by forming teams and playing games together. Our sport facilities include basketball, volleyball, handball and football courts, as well as playgrounds to keep campers outside and moving! Don’t forget our big ELDC Olympics, where campers across ages unite to compete in a day of sporting fun!

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Music & Dance
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Cutting, glueing, painting, folding...and even creating slime! Arts means bright colours, collaboration and creativity. Crafts means hands-on-learning by doing. Inventions, experiments, dancing on paint—each lesson there’s new activities to engage campers in the practical uses of English as well as expand their artistic abilities.

Lucky Dip

‘E.L.D.C. I’m having such a good time!’ is our anthem and that doesn’t stop with music and dance. Campers sing, dance, and even play instruments in our educational music lessons. Bring your guitar, bring your ballet shoes, because it’s time to dance. Movement is a powerful tool for children’s learning, and with the application of English, campers engage with music from all around the world.

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Let’s learn differently. Let’s change it up. Let’s keep it free and fun. Let’s play games. Explore topics that range from dinosaurs to survival skills! It’s your lucky day, join us for another unexpected dip of fun.  

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