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Terms & Conditions

English Language Day Camp – Terms and Conditions

1. Registration
A registration can only be made by filling out the online registration form which can be found on the English For Children website ( Once we have received the binding registration, we will send you a booking confirmation. If you do not receive the booking confirmation within 14 days we kindly ask you to contact us on +43 664 9287595. We cannot take responsibility for the non-arrival of emails and information. The registration will remain a binding contract even if you have not received a booking confirmation.


The deposit is €300.00 and must be paid at the time of registration. The remaining balance must be paid by the 1st of July 2023. The camp fee includes the camp course, lunch every day, materials and 20% VAT.
Bank account: Die Erste Bank, A/C Name: Piet Hein Snijders, IBAN: AT85 2011 1824 1521 8702.
BIC/SWIFT: GIBAATWWXXX. Purpose of transfer: child‘s name.


2. Liability
The organiser as well as the camp counsellors cannot be held responsible for valuable items brought into the camp that are lost or stolen during the camp. The organiser is not liable for damages, accidents or injuries that are caused by the campers or occur to the campers during the camp or outside the camp grounds.


3. Accident insurance
It is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian to take out accident insurance for the camper. He/She is also liable for any damages that are intentionally caused by the camper. The organiser is not liable to pay compensation to campers or third parties.


4. Arrival and departure
Children are to be brought to the camp every morning and collected at the end of each camp day. Should your child/children be allowed to travel to and from the camp on their own, leave the camp during the day or leave at an earlier time of day written notification is required by the camp office.


5. Cancellation
A cancellation of a registration is only possible in written form. The official date will be taken from the postage stamp, fax or email. A phone cancellation is not possible and will not be accepted.


6. Cancellation and rebooking
Cancellations before June 1st 2023 are subject to a €50.00 administration fee per child. Cancellation costs up to 30 days before camp begins = 10% of the entire camp fee; up to 15 days before camp begins = 40% of the entire camp fee. For cancellations beyond this time or in the case of a ‘no-show’ 100% of the entire camp fee will be charged. No refund will be given due to the late arrival or early departure of the camper e.g. in the case of sickness, homesickness, for reasons given by the organisers due to disciplinary measures, or due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the organiser's control. The rebooking fee for each rebooking is €30,00.


7. Parents’ contact information

We assume that you are reachable throughout the day on the telephone numbers provided on the registration form. Please inform us immediately if there are any changes to the phone numbers provided.

8. Special information about your child
If your child or children have any medical conditions (e.g. allergies, ADHD) or other special needs please inform us in writing before the beginning of the camp.


9. Duty of care and expulsion
The camp counsellors are legally bound by the duty of care for the duration of the camp. The camp counsellors are the authorised representatives of the camp organiser. All campers must follow rules for behavio
ur and respect all camp counsellors, camp property and other campers. If a camper cannot follow the rules and regulations or is consistently breaking the rules, the parent or legal guardian will be contacted and the camper may be dismissed permanently from the camp without any refund of the camp fee.


10. Photo and film footage
With your signature you agree that photos and film footage taken during the camp can be used for English For Children and English Language Day Camp advertising purposes. We will never provide third parties said footage.

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