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About EFC

English For Children has proven to be a successful teaching method for children since 1988. Our basic philosophy is to familiarise children with the foreign language as early as possible, because the ability to express themselves linguistically develops particularly well during these years.

Since 1988...

EFC is about accessibility and inclusion. From the foundation of the company in 1988, our mission has been to grant access to children from all backgrounds to learn and explore English in a way that makes them feel comfortable and confident. 


In the last 34 years, our focus has been to bring English learning to schools with a curriculum that aligns linguistics with fun. Our Native Speakers bring comfortability and familiarity to a foreign language that can otherwise seem daunting to students. Our success is in our numbers.


Our Owner

Piet  Hein Snijders


English For Children is his passion!

Since 2020, Piet Hein Snijders has been leading the language ship English For Children. With his many years of experience teaching English in Austria and leading countless summer camps, he encompasses the ongoing development and success of the English For Children programme. The goal of the concept is to learn a second language like the mother tongue in a playful way according to the abilities of the age group.

Onwards and upwards!

Our Teachers


Holly bio.png

Hi! My name is Holly (or ‘Holly Jolly’). My family is British but I was raised in the United States. I was born in London and grew up just outside of New York City. My passion for the English language inspires my teaching, academic study, and creative hobbies. I have been an English Language teacher in Vienna since 2017 and earned a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from the Open University. I teach in schools, kindergartens, private home groups and at the E.L.D.C.! In my spare time I write stories, ride my bicycle, and travel. I love teaching English and always strive to create a safe, comfortable space for children to learn English with as much fun as possible!


Jack bio.jpg

My name is Jack and I come from England! Yorkshire to be exact. Yes, where the pudding is from. I have a BA (Hons) in Drama and I’m a theatre workshop leader/teacher. I’ve been working in the classroom as an English teacher for just over 6 years now. 

My classes are focused around learning through play, movement/action, theatre and games. We always learn the vocabulary in class- we move it into a game and we have some fun! It’s like a Lego house, I start with the foundations and we build the vocabulary from the ground up.


eszter bio.jpg

My name is Eszter and originally I am from Hungary. I am a primary school teacher and I am specialised in English, theater education and dance.

The past 10 years I worked in Zurich. First at the Swiss International School and later at a bilingual Montessori school. I have more than 12 years of experience teaching English as a second language to children. At the moment I am teaching in Kindergartens and I love it. The little ones are like little sponges, they learn so quickly! In my free time I like biking and reading. I love spending  time outside with my family.

Our Teachers

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