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Registration & Fees

Welcome to the E.L.D.C. registration page. We are happy that you have chosen E.L.D.C. for the upcoming summer!

E.L.D.C. runs for three weeks. We encourage all children to register for the full three week experience, however, we understand that it is not always possible. Below you can find the rates for one, two, or three weeks of E.L.D.C. fun!

1 week: €410,-

2 weeks: €720,-

3 weeks: €950,-

All prices include early supervision, lunch, activities (incl. materials) and 20% VAT. This Year we introduce 5% siblings discount!

E.L.D.C. 2024 Registration Form

I am registering my child for (multiple answers possible)
Previous years at camp

Parents' info

My child may go home alone
Siblings discount (5% per child)

Yay! E.L.D.See you in July!

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