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E.L.S.C. Programme

Active English


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English Evenings

Music & Arts

Th-th-thespian! Theatre is a big hit with our campers and a chance to create characters and build worlds that inspire confidence and expression in a second language. The campers will create their own performance for parents to enjoy on the last day!

Still active, still English, all day every day! Upgraded for teens, our Active English projects will improve campers’ written, spoken, and reading comprehension in English with exciting projects like debate and storytelling.


Listening, playing, crafting, making, painting - what is your favourite way to express yourself? In our Music and Arts activities, we learn about Anglophone cultures and create our own masterpieces, whether it be on the dance floor or on the canvas.

Afternoon Excursions
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Neusiedlersee offers adventurous water sports like wind surfing and sailing. Every afternoon we will engage in exclusive lessons and activities offered by local clubs to get campers active and learning a variety of skills. Campers will even have the chance to earn a beginner's wind surfing certification!

In the evenings, campers will come together to overcome a series of challenges and games set out by the counsellors. Activities like quizzes, scavenger hunts, ghost stories, sing-a-longs, team competitions, etc., are unique to E.L.S.C. and connect campers with one another in a second language with fun and authenticity.

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